After Drainage Installation

After the Drainage System Installation

Whenever possible, PDE will use a sod cutter as the first step in the construction of a below grade drainage system. The sod cutter clean cuts the sod in rolls. This allows the crew to easily replace the sod when the work is done. During the work this cut sod will be kept in rolls and stored in a shady place, if at all possible.

Sometimes the existing sod on site is less than dense and may be stressed. This only makes sense. Poor drainage means saturated soils, and grass does not grow well in soils that are perpetually saturated.

If the sod is marginal when it is cut, there is a possibility it will not completely cover the top of the drainage work when it is re-laid. Your yard may look OK on the day the PDE crew finishes their work. But if there are any bare spots remaining, they will be especially vulnerable after the next heavy rain. In these situations there are three options:

  1. Give the condition time. Now that the PDE drainage system has been installed, there will be better drainage. This will create conditions more conducive to healthy sod growth. Given 2 weeks of adequate irrigation and sunny weather, real improvement should be noticeable. By the middle of the next summer there should be little surface evidence that any drainage system was ever installed.
  1. Make improvements yourself, either personally or through your landscaper or lawn service. A few simple tips apply:
    • Fill any divot-like holes the same way they do on a golf course, with sand. The grass will grow back.
    • If there is an unacceptably large bare area, plant sod plugs. It goes without saying that these sod plugs should match the rest of your yard.
    • Do not use the tines of a garden rake to dress the work area. Rather, flip the rake over and use the flat side to dress the area.
  1. PDE will come back out to your home and make these improvements for you. PDE will do so on a strict time and materials (T&M) basis. There will be zero mark-up for any materials purchased. You will be provided with all receipts. It is PDE’s goal to meet your drainage needs and for you to be a satisfied customer. Should you want us to do this work, we will give your job top priority. We are happy to perform this work if you want us to.


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