Point Drainage & Erosion features the following services:

  • We will design and build your project. We have a licensed civil engineering staff on-site with geotechnical expertise. We understand water (hydrology) and soils (soil mechanics). We understand the underlying causes of the drainage and erosion problems we face.
  • The key to the entire process is the diagnosis. If the diagnosis is not accurate, there is a good chance the “cure” may not work well, or at all.
  • We prepare an engineered set of plans for every job. This shows the property owner exactly what they will get. This also reveals the engineer’s designed “cure” in response to the diagnosis. The engineer’s design will be driven by three factors:
    • Diagnosis
    • What the property owner wants
    • Cost

These three factors are balanced in the design:

  • We use commercial grade materials. They do cost a little more than those materials retailed for residential property owners. But the quality and durability of these commercial grade materials are more than worth it. Much of what we use can be seen every day on highway construction projects.
  • The first site visit is free. We will be happy to come meet you on your property to look at your problems and needs firsthand. There is no obligation for this first visit. If there is a simple fix for your problem, and it is something you can do for yourself, we will tell you that. And if your problem is greater than your financial means allow we will find a way to tell you that also. The purpose of the first site visit is to introduce ourselves and give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience. If this leads to a contract, so be it. If it leads to us pointing you in another direction, more suited to your needs, then that is perfectly ok too.
    • During construction we will use survey equipment and other tools typically found on commercial construction projects. We will insure there is positive drainage in your system. If your system requires a pump, we will specify an appropriate pump for your condition. We will use pump curves to make this recommendation.
    • We guarantee our work for a year. We want satisfied customers and referrals.

Pictures are worth a thousands words. Look at PDE’s Case Study.

Feel free to call and talk to us. Send us an email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

We do respond to emergencies. We will come out the same day. If you do have an emergency, please call. Do not email, and tell our representative that you do have an emergency.

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